6 Exciting Places And Activities That You Can Try While On Vacation In Singapore

Jimmy/ May 25, 2022/ vacation packages, vacation secret, Vacations

Even though in the near future you have no plans to travel abroad, there’s nothing wrong with keeping this list for your upcoming vacation to Singapore. Since there are so many fun activities you can do here. 

For accommodation, you can stay at a hotel near Tampines or Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore. There are a number of locations and activities that you can try while on vacation in Lion country. Here are 6 fun places and activities, which you can save as a reference when you go on vacation there.

1. ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum is a famous museum that combines works of art with science that is very amazing. This place is a special attraction for children and parents, as well as for entertainment and learning media. 

This museum has a very beautiful and cool architectural design because the building above the museum is like an open hand that welcomes the arrival of tourists. The museum’s collection includes dinosaur exhibits, film exhibits, robots, maps, and much more.

2. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is an island known as the ‘last village’ of the native life of the local people in Singapore. In other words, Pulau Ubin is still sustainable with a relaxed atmosphere for tourists. You can explore the city of Ubin on foot at a leisurely pace and enjoy delicious and delicious seafood dishes. On the island of Ubin, there are still various types of flora and fauna, as well as bird species that will be threatened with extinction.

3. Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car is a gondola lift that provides air transportation from Faber Hill to Sentosa Island along Keppel Harbor. The travel time using this transportation is about 15 minutes with a route of 1650 meters. Cable car opening hours are from Monday to Sunday between 8.45 am to 9.15 pm. However, each ticket booth has a different opening time. You will get a beautiful view with a 360-degree view from above Southern Singapore.

4. Sentosa Luge

When you vacation to Sentosa island, don’t forget to try other fun experiences, especially adventures for children. Sentosa Luge is a non-motorized vehicle game that goes down a 650 meter hill from Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Beach. This luge rider simply controls and controls the game much like a motorcycle handlebar. So to drive the luge is quite easy. In addition, you can also take photos and print them right away.

5. MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRichie Reservoir is a famous reservoir and the largest in Singapore so it has become a storage place for rainwater. In addition, in this reservoir area, there are parks and nature reserves which are tourist destinations for nature lovers, runners, and even water sports enthusiasts. 

This reservoir was built in 1867 with a donation of S$13,000 by Tan Kim Seng. This reservoir area is located in a tropical rainforest, and as you explore the area you are likely to meet animals such as monkeys, squirrels, lemurs, squirrels, owls, and many more.

6. National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden is a natural tourist destination as a center for research, hybridization, and conservation of orchids from around the world. This Singaporean favorite opened in 1995 and is located in the middle of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. 

You can enjoy and see more than 60,000 different plants from over 1000 species, and 2000 hybrids. For the students can also take a tour around the orchid garden for 1.5 hours to learn the process of hybridization and pollination. In addition, there is a souvenir shop with an orchid theme at the exit. This beautiful park can be reached easily by bus, taxi or car.

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