Airfare: 8 Ways to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

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Airfare: 8 Ways to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Airfare- When you want to go on a plane, of course, many people will first find out how to get cheap airline tickets.

Because if you can save on travel costs, the existing budget can be allocated for other needs, such as lodging and culinary tours.

Come on, make your vacation more economical by trying some of the ways to get the following cheap flight tickets.

How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Expensive airline tickets can indeed be an obstacle when you want to go. So, how do you get plane tickets at cheap prices? Here are the tips.

1. Search Airfare Through Aggregator Sites

The first way to get cheap airline tickets is to buy them through an aggregator site. So, you can compare various types of airline tickets and choose to buy flight tickets at the most affordable prices.

One of the aggregator sites that you can access to get cheap airline tickets, namely Skyscanner and Google Flights.

Through this aggregator site, you can also view a flight calendar containing flight ticket prices by date. You can also get flight tickets to travel with a more suitable budget.

2. Buy Airfare Far In Advance

To get cheaper flight tickets, you can also buy them in advance the day before departure. This has also become an open secret so that it has become a way to get cheap airline tickets that are often done by many people.

Therefore, try to book flight tickets 2-3 months before departure so that the price is more affordable.

The reason is, that the ideal time to book a plane ticket is a maximum of 5 weeks before the time of departure. The ideal day to purchase tickets is Sunday with a departure time of Thursday or Friday.

3. Hunting for midnight Airfare

Another way to get cheap airline tickets that you can try is to hunt for flight tickets at night. Specifically, midnight starts at 23:00. This is because the majority of people have only booked tickets and have not completed payment.

So, the flight site or app will auto-cancel for unpaid customer orders. After an inactive order is canceled, you can immediately make a purchase.

4. Travel during Low Season

The low season is the season when the fewest people visit a place so that the ticket price can be the lowest. In Indonesia, the low season usually takes place from September to early December or mid-January to April.

Well, you can take advantage of the low season to vacation with your family at a more affordable flight ticket price.

Because during high season or holiday periods, airline tickets will usually be more expensive. So, take advantage of this moment and you can vacation more freely because the density of visitors tends to decrease.

5. Try Transit Flights

If you want to take a vacation using an airplane at a more affordable price, try doing a transit flight. Transit flights or commonly called connecting flights are a way to get cheap airline tickets that you can try.

For example, a transit flight from Tokyo, Japan – to Kuala Lumpur – to Australia will be cheaper than a Tokyo – Australia flight ticket.

Why can this connecting flight be cheaper? because many airlines are looking for passengers to fill the plane.
So, there’s nothing wrong with trying transit flights to get cheaper airline tickets.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy a short transit time by visiting certain countries. Must be fun, right?

6. Find Comparison of Different Apps

Another way that you can do to be able to buy cheap airline tickets is to compare each price from various applications. Now, there are many travel applications that you can access to find out the fares for each plane ticket to various destinations.

Usually, these special travel applications offer various attractive discounts. So, the price of flight tickets for your vacation can be more affordable. In addition to discounted prices, you also have the opportunity to get various hotel and restaurant vouchers.

7. Use Certain Promos and Discounts

In running their business, airlines will definitely offer various promos or certain discounts to attract customers. Therefore, don’t hesitate to hunt for the promos and discounts that have been provided.

For example, a bank promo that offers a discount if the payment is made using a credit card.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with you registering a credit card that often offers discounted airline tickets. So, be smart to look for opportunities.

8. Subscribe to the Newsletter so you don’t miss it

So that you don’t miss any promo notifications or other interesting offers, try subscribing to newsletters from various airlines.

This is one of the most effective marketing strategies for sellers and buyers. That way, you will always get the latest discount information sent by the airline via email.

That’s the way to get cheap airline tickets that you can try.

Good luck and have a more economical holiday, guys!

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