Backpackers, these are 7 advantages of staying at a hostel

Jimmy/ August 29, 2022/ travel

Backpackers, these are 7 advantages of staying at a hostel

Backpackers, staying at hostels is no less exciting than other inns. Even hostels have 7 advantages that other inns don’t have. Guaranteed to make you feel like a backpacker!

There are various accommodations to choose from when Bestpackers are traveling. Well, one of the inns that is still hype among millennials is Hostel. In addition to being very millennial, this one inn is also synonymous with the backpacker type of traveler.

Even though you have to sacrifice a little privacy by sharing a room, the benefits offered by hostels are no less, you know. Here are some of the advantages of staying at a hostel. Guaranteed not to make regrets during backpackers.


You don’t need to ask about the price anymore. This inn has specifically built for travelers looking to save money while traveling. In hostels, one person is counted per bed, rather than per room, as in hotels.

So, it’s no secret that you can save many times over by choosing to stay at a hostel. But don’t worry about the facilities, okay? This cheap inn has facilities that are no less qualified, really. Even most of the 3-star hotel class, you know. If you are looking for information about Home construction you can visit this site officialngowari

Opportunity to meet new people

The advantages of staying at this hostel are very beneficial for backpackers and solo travelers. Staying in hostels will give you the opportunity to meet new people. With the sharing room model, you have many opportunities to open conversations with other visitors.

This moment gives you the opportunity to make friends while in the city. Who knows, you can also bring home a mate, you know.

Cheaper food and drink

Bestpacker, different from hotel food and drinks which are relatively pricey, hostels are the opposite, you know. The majority of the food and drinks sold at this cheap inn are very pocket-friendly. So for backpackers who want to order food at the inn, there is no need to be afraid of going broke.

Lots of free amenities

Don’t worry if you can’t take your favorite book with you on a trip. Because when staying at a backpacker hostel, you can take advantage of the book facilities provided by the guest house. Most hostels have books, magazines, and newspapers that Bestpacker can borrow and read.

There are also hostels that provide game facilities, such as guitar, uno stacko, to cards. Most importantly all these facilities are free, you know. But don’t be too busy playing, okay? Since it’s a public property, make sure that other visitors don’t have to wait too long for you.

It’s fun to hang out

Different from hotels, this cheap backpacker-style inn is really suitable for hanging out. In the lounge area, you can meet other backpackers and exchange stories. Interaction between fellow guests in hostels also tends to be more fluid than in hotels, you know.

Because the majority of visitors are millennials, the atmosphere that is built in the hostel is also more intimate and welcoming. So don’t be surprised if many backpackers are new to it but can play cards together or just have a casual chat.

Can dig up a lot of information

The advantage of hostels, which is also very important for backpackers, is that it is easy to get information. Bestpackers can exchange information about their favorite tourist or culinary spots based on reviews from other backpackers.

For example, about tourism in Bali, you can ask which places are recommended to visit outside the destinations on your list. This information bonus is very important so that you don’t choose the wrong destination or other things.

Suitable for groups

If you plan to vacation with a group, hostels are the right choice. You see, you can choose one room to be used with a group of people. Of course, with this system, Bestpacker will also become more familiar with your group of friends.

Moreover, renting a hostel in a group system can be cheaper, you know.

In addition to the advantages above, the advantages of staying at a hostel also make you have lots of stock photos, you know. The reason is, currently there are many aesthetic hostels that are very instagramable. Well, there are so many advantages to staying at a hostel, right?

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