Bali holiday tips that will save you a ton of money on your honeymoon

Jimmy/ February 26, 2022/ island, Travels, Vacations

Bali holiday tips that will save you a ton of money on your honeymoon

Bali is a beautiful place to visit like a hotel honeymoon Bali, but people do several things when they come here, costing them quite a bit of money. There are many ways you can save money while going on holiday in Bali, though. Here are just some examples:

Cook local food yourself

Eating out isn’t bad, but if you have the option, cooking for yourself will save you a lot of money in the long run – I’m talking hundreds each day. Even if you think it’s more fun to eat out, it’ll be a lot cheaper if you cook your food at least once a day and eat out less often, even if it’s more expensive per meal.

Renting a car

Using taxis, etc., will be expensive, so if you want to save money, use public transport instead of booking a transfer – it’s cheaper. Plus, driving yourself is more fun and gives you more freedom since you can stop at places whenever you’d like without waiting for the next bus/shuttle etc.

Drinking less alcohol when in Bali

People are surprised when they pay AUD 4 for their first beer when they arrive in Bali, but that soon adds up over given time which makes this tip quite obvious really, don’t drink too much while on holiday.

Sleeping in a fan rather than air conditioning accommodation.

It is a big one, as this can easily save you hundreds each day by not staying in an air-conditioned room, but rather one with a fan which will be much cheaper and let’s face it – the weather isn’t too cold so it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust.

Haggling for prices when shopping or hiring cars/bikes etc.

Haggling is part of Bali life, and if you don’t haggle, then you’ll pay more for everything from food to scooters, so do it. That said, don’t get offended if they say no because usually they mean maybe, so try again . And remember that bartering is also standard in Bali, so don’t be surprised when you’re asked to pay way less than the advertised price or even if they ask for more money on top of that.

Touring local areas rather than popular tourist attractions.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing places like Ubud Monkey Forest is excellent. Still, it’s easy to spend hundreds while there, which you could potentially save by visiting some local villages and temples which are as – if not more beautiful – than some of the iconic attractions in Bali. Plus, the locals may give you a better insight into their lives if they see that you aren’t too bothered with all the touristy things.

Negotiating taxi fares before getting into taxis

It’s another good tip that I find most people don’t use when they’re in Bali. Just like in any major city, the taxi drivers will try to rip you off by taking you on a longer route than necessary or just driving around for 5 minutes so they can charge you more money when it seems they’ve taken you the shortest path. However, if you tell them before getting in where you want to go, then they’ll know which route is the shortest and cheapest.

Embracing Balinese culture rather than seeing it as a tourist attraction

Sure, capturing photos of beautiful temples and seeing traditional dance shows etc., is excellent but experiencing Balinese Culture yourself will provide a much more excellent experience because rather than focusing on the ‘things to do’, you’ll be focusing on the locals themselves learning about their life. Plus, it’s free.

Getting around Bali cheaply by using local transport

Hiring scooters may seem like a good idea at the time because you’re not keen on waiting for a bus, and booking a shuttle is just too expensive, but driving in Bali can be very dangerous, so don’t do it unless you have experience driving there.

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