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We recommend that you aim to gain some experience in a classroom prior to interview. With a PGCE you can start teaching as soon as you complete the course and are recommended for Qualified Teacher Status. This programme is now full and we are currently not accepting applications for September 2022 entry. When you teach Business Education to a young class, it might well be the first insights these pupils get into the commercial cogs and workings of the modern world. Give back to Barnsley with opportunities for your SME to work with young people to prepare them for the world of work. Only 28% of survey respondents were able to report that their Business School had implemented projects or initiatives designed directly to alleviate poverty or to help those on low incomes.

Whether you’re getting ready for a new term, planning your next class, or helping pupils prepare for exams, there’s always something going on. And you’ll find other teachers are there to help you, and share their experiences. It’s a career choice that comes with a good starting salary and great opportunities for progression.

Students will understand how business/economics is taught in schools, how pupils learn and make sense of the evolving nature of business/economics. This is reflected in the range of business related courses that are now offered by schools, sixth forms and colleges, with the focus in some instances on entrepreneurship, work skills and new business technologies. Most of our PGDE graduates go on to work as teachers in secondary schools across the country. teachers from Strathclyde have a reputation for excellence which is renowned in business education departments across Scotland and beyond. The course promotes the highest standards of excellence not only in teaching in general, but the high expectations of the business education teaching community in Scotland.

Campaign launches to develop next generation of business leaders

You are responsible for inspiring and shaping young people into business-savvy individuals. The Business Education Alliance supports collaboration between schools and employers to raise the aspirations and ambitions of Barnsley’s young people. For businesses, it is a chance to grow deeper connections in the community, increase awareness of your business and help reduce skill shortages across Barnsley. Many Business School stakeholders clearly recognise the need to address poverty. When asked which issues they predict will be central to Business Schools over the next five years, a significant minority (42%) mentioned the impact Schools have on helping the poorest people in society. The most common issue raised, by 64% of respondents, was the impact Business Schools have on how businesses work in a sustainable way.

  • So it is about doing as much as we can through investment in education and generalised development.
  • All fees quoted are for full-time courses and per academic year unless stated otherwise.
  • It reviews key challenges facing business education and articulates a vision for how the role and delivery of business education could be reimagined.
  • The most common issue raised, by 64% of respondents, was the impact Business Schools have on how businesses work in a sustainable way.
  • We believe that every young person has the right to access the career opportunities and networks in life that will enable them to succeed.

You’ll be asked to reflect on your values and beliefs in relation to a range of educational questions and issues and you will be presented with questions designed to challenge and refine your current thinking. As part of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to submit two of your assignments at Masters level. If you do this, you’ll be almost halfway towards a Masters in Education qualification. If you go on to do the Masters in Education, all you’ll have to do is complete two masters level classes, a research class, and a dissertation. This placement file will form part of the evidence of your meeting the Standards for Provisional Registration and prepares you for career-long professional learning.

The teacher you want to be

You’ll spend 18 weeks of the course on placement in a school within Scotland. You’ll be continually assessed while there to show you meet the requirements for the Standards for Provisional Registration. Students choosing a period of paid work placement or study abroad as a part of their course should be aware that there may be additional travel and living costs, as well as tuition fees. Fees illustrated are based on academic year 22/23 entry and are subject to an annual increase. In addition to the specific entry conditions for this course you must also meet the University’s General Entrance Requirements.

Fees for this course

We’ve learned how development can create good results for a country, and we made this into a reality. International relations have also helped us become aware of innovation and entrepreneurship. Business has played an important role in the growth of Latin America.

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