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Broader inflation throughout the economy could also have an impact. A 7% inflation rate over the past year, the highest since 1982, has sent consumer prices higher. This year, however, demand fell even further than normal because of the omicron …

Airfare Prices on a Downward Trend?

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With the 4th of July holiday now in our collective rearview, the busy summer travel season’s peak period would seem to have passed, at least conjecturally speaking. One wonders whether the summer’s sky-high price of plane seats will recede with

When Will Flight Prices Drop? Here’s What an Expert Says

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If you’ve booked any flights this summer, you’ve probably experienced some sticker shock. According to the travel booking site Hopper, domestic airfare is up 34% this summer compared to the same time in 2019, and international

Cheap Airfare

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It’s also important to check if you need a transit visa even if you’re just connecting and not planning to stay in the country. Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets on different airlines when it can save you …

Flights Are Insanely Pricey Right Now, So Wait, Or Buy?

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At StudentUniverse, our main focus is student travellers and young people. That means when we get our airfares and negotiate contracts with airlines we are only focusing on getting the cheapest student flights. If you are a student looking for …

Cheap Flights

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You can choose from over 650 airlines when booking on Alternative Airlines’ website to process the flight payment plan, so you are not limited in your airline ticket choices! You can use only use Euros with PayPal Credit or Klarna …