Could a reboot make social media a nicer place?

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Overall trust in news is low (39%) while CNN, which is owned by local conglomerate Trans Media, ranks the highest in brand trust at 69%. Interestingly, the news brand with greatest reach is also one of the brands with a large minority (12%) that say they do not trust it, which some may attribute to its more sensational style of reporting. Indonesia is 87% Muslim, and contains the world’s largest Muslim population, but Islam is not the state religion.

  • Participants filled out an online survey with specific questions around strategic digital intent in 2016.
  • Another new entrant is Wire , an app backed by Skype founder Janus Friis, which claims to have the most comprehensive end-to-end encryption for text, pictures, video or voice.
  • Our collaborations with Microsoft, Unity and Sony, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology will help you develop the skills you need to be successful in the games industry and beyond.
  • Degree requirementsBachelors degree from a public university with second-class lower division.
  • When a 3.2-magnitude earthquake struck in California at 5.28am on 1 February, the Los Angeles Times reported the news.
  • As with this Wired example, the messaging will increasingly focus on the cost of creating quality content.

Bendy phones and fold out or roll-up screens may also be on their way with OLED technology. Imagine folding out a screen the size of a TV to attach to a smartphone for more comfortable viewing. The recent expulsions of Russian diplomats from the United States has highlighted the extent to which governments and other rogue elements have been ramping up capacity to damage sensitive systems. Germany’s domestic secret service has accused Russia of a series of international cyber-spying and sabotage attacks while Angela Merkel has warned that this year’s elections could be a target.

Tony Blairs son on his mission to dismantle his fathers education goals

Mental health and procrastination For Mental Health Awareness Week, Journalism, Film and Television graduate Bernardo Almeida writes about how to manage procrastination and its relationship with mental health. Final Cuts Festival 2022 Festival of moving image work from the School of Computing and Digital Media returns online and in real life. New air quality sensor at London Met now live A sensor on the Tower Building at London Met’s Holloway Campus provides information about the quality of air we are all breathing. High levels of student satisfaction showcased in Complete University Guide London Met ranked 5th for student satisfaction nationally in the newly released rankings. London Met hosts Great Science Share with local schools Six Islington primary schools came to London Met for an annual campaign to inspire young people to share their scientific questions. How London Met is working to support refugees Vice Chancellor Professor Lynn Dobbs discusses a new initiative that sees London Met twinned with a Ukrainian university, and our other impactful work to support refugee communities.

Only by knowing more about customers can media companies hope to compete with Facebook in creating more relevant and personal experiences, which may eventually lead to revenue. This year, media companies will be investing heavily in data, segmentation and recommendation initiatives (61%) along with registration and sign-in drives (52%). Many publishers are unhappy with the amount of money they get from Facebook, especially with video monetisation yet to come on stream in a significant way. Access to customer data is also a big issue for some with at least one publisher withdrawing from Apple News. Reliable data is also a concern with Facebook having to apologise for overstating how much time, on average its users were spending watching videos. And then there are worries about ownership and attribution with some publishers unhappy that Google’s AMP shows their content framed with a Google url.

Computer legacies: Narrating histories of digital media in museums

We provide a free, practical resource that aims to help developers negotiate the industry, access top-level advice, and ensure they are able to negotiate the industry as effectively and profitably as possible. The promises of artificial intelligence have long been discussed; but tech leaders and research firms are now proclaiming that AI has a serious near-term future for businesses. IoT Tech News is a practical resource providing news, analysis and opinion on the burgeoning Internet of Things ecosystem, from standardisation, to business use cases, and development opportunities.

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