Create the perfect date in Amsterdam

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Create the perfect date in Amsterdam

If you want to surprise your partner, the best thing to do is to plan a date in another city. Although Paris is said to be the city of love, Amsterdam is much more fun and varied and can be just as romantic. For example, the Moco Museum is not like other museums you may have visited. If you go with your partner to this museum, you will experience a unique and fun moment. You will be able to access the private garden of the museum and take some photos. Now, if you do not want to spend your date in a modern art museum Amsterdam, you can enjoy a romantic ferry ride through any of the 165 canals that the city has. Are you looking for a place to stay? You can get luxury hotels in the city, or comfortable cabins in campsites with electricity, internet, and all the basic services.

A place to eat

Hollywood has planted the idea that a romantic date can only happen over dinner. The great thing about Amsterdam is that it offers a wide variety of restaurants. If you like to eat outdoors, you can visit Café de Jaren, Delirium Café or Vondelpark. If you prefer a more private atmosphere, you can visit places like Brasserie Flo, Restaurant Black, Blue, or Rijks. This last restaurant can be found in the Philips wing of the Rijksmuseum, being one of the Michelin-awarded restaurants in Amsterdam. Choosing the restaurant where you are going to eat your next meal depends on the route you want to follow in the city. Tools like Google Maps allow you to plan this route, so you miss nothing.

One card, multiple options

If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider purchasing the “IAmsterdam” card. It is a card that allows you access to a wide variety of places within the city for a certain period. The times range from 24 hours to 120 hours. Please note that, although this card allows you access too many places, some of these places may require you to make a reservation in advance, especially during the high season. If you want to know more about this card, do not hesitate to visit the website. There you will be able to see all the spaces you will be able to access, as well as the rules to access each one of them. This card comes with rules that you must follow. If you break any of these rules, your card may be permanently canceled

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