Instagramable Place in Bandung to Make Cool Photos

Jimmy/ January 27, 2021/ island, Vacations

Instagramable Place in Bandung to Make Cool Photos

Instagramable Place in Bandung to Make Cool Photos. Bandung does have cool tourist destinations that can make you feel at home until you don’t want to go home. For t-mates who like selfies, the capital of West Java also has a myriad of cool instagramable spots and is popular with tourists. Besides having fun, going on vacation to an area is also the best moment to hunt for cool photo spots that can be displayed on social media

Fun Culinary in Chinatown Bandung

Instagramable Place in Bandung to Make Cool Photos. Culinary delights while hunting for Instagramable photo spots, why not? If you have a vacation ticket to Bandung, try visiting the tourist area of ​​Chinatown Bandung. Here are several cool photo spots with an atmosphere like in the land of bamboo curtains. If you want cooler photos, there are costumes in the style of princes and princesses of the Chinese kingdom that you can rent.

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Beautiful Photo Spot at Dago Dream Park

Dago Dream Park is a tourist attraction in Bandung that is often visited by selfie lovers. For those of you who like to challenge your adrenaline, try some photo rides at high altitudes, such as Aladdin-style flying rugs, Skytree, Love Seat, Sky Bike, to the flying house that appears in the UP movie.

Rabbit Town Bandung which has unique photo spots

Opened in 2018, Rabbit Town offers the latest selfie spots that will make Instagram feeds even cooler. Rabbit Town provides several unique themed photo spots ranging from rooms full of colorful polka dots, wall areas full of pink and yellow bananas, to rows of white light pillars which are favorite locations for visitors.

This is Me Bandung which stole the attention

One more selfie tourist destination in Bandung that is no less interesting than the previous spot, namely This is Me. One of the photo areas that attract the attention of visitors the most is an artificial beach with ornaments of flamingos, beach chairs, umbrellas, and sandcastles. Apart from that, there is also another photo room with a different theme.

Unique Cardboard Park Cafe

Who would have thought that cardboard could create an artistic impression even suitable for photo backgrounds? Taman Kardus is the name of a unique cafe in Bandung that uses cardboard as an interior decoration for the cafe, from chairs, tables, to wall hangings. Cardboard Park has several instagramable spots that are interesting to be immortalized through camera shots.

Visiting the fairy tales at Fairy Garden Lembang

Fairy Garden Lembang in the Maribaya Lodge area is one of Bandung’s new tourist destinations, t-mates.
This exciting vacation ride for children is equipped with many castle buildings and parks. There are at least six parks that are differentiated according to the theme. Among others, Flower Fairy, Cook Fairy, Water Fairy, and Forest Fairy.

A Unique Upside Down World

There are several rooms for photos complete with furniture such as cooking utensils, washing machine, chairs, cupboards, and beds. Uniquely, every ornament in Upside Down World is arranged on the roof of the room upside down.

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