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The career satisfaction you will experience, knowing you have played a crucial role at a vulnerable and critical time in a client’s life — such as seeing a parent and child reunited — is fundamental to your work. There are also intellectual perdana4peace rewards — the constant learning and diversity keeps your work interesting. You are still legally married as a Separation Agreement does not dissolve the marriage. To remarry you must first obtain a final order through divorce proceedings.

Specialist legal representation from our expert criminal defence lawyers is available to help – day or night. If you suffer from mesothelioma and other asbestos-exposure related illnesses, our experienced asbestos lawyers are here to help with your legal claim. Defamation can be extremely damaging to your business, that’s why it’s important you seek legal advice as soon as possible in order to protect you from further reputational damage. Our team of experts are on hand to guide you through a range of housing-related claims and issues, from antisocial behaviour to homelessness.

Walker Lairds Personal Injury Lawyers in Paisley and Glasgow are here to Help

Divorce represents the legal termination of a marriage, with the Sheriff Court or Court of Session granting a Decree of Divorce which brings the marriage to an end. For civil partnerships, the term ‘dissolution’ is used in place of divorce. Just because you are going through a divorce does not mean that you will have to sell your home. An agreement will need to be reached regarding the division of the assets, which will include any equity that may be in the family home.

  • The Court places much greater weight on prenup and postnuptial agreements since a case called Radmacher v Granatino went to the Court of Appeal in 2010.
  • Either you or your husband or wife has behaved in a way that you cannot be expected to live with them.
  • As we know being investigated for any kind of criminal act can be stressful and worrying we provide specialist representation – day or night.

If you feel you’ve received inadequate medical treatment, you have the right to make a medical negligence complaint. Our expert team understand how confusing the complaint procedure is, therefore, they will be by your side every step of the way to assist and help you. When you don’t receive the best care and most appropriate treatment during your stay hospital, it can sometimes have life-changing consequences.

How is Personal Injury Compensation Treated in Divorce?

We have specialist experience in this area of the law and regularly act in complex and high-value cases. Our specialist data protection lawyers will ensure you’re fully compensated for any losses you’ve suffered. The area of Family Law is fast moving and only a solicitor who spends all of their time working in this field can be expected to stay abreast of developments. You may find our blog article, ‘Choosing a Solicitor Who is a Specialist Family Lawyer’ helpful. You should consider the level of conflict that could arise, for example about trying to agree a way forward on issues such as the family home, maintenance, pensions and any children matters.

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