Island: 5 Islands for a Romantic Honeymoon in Indonesia

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Island: 5 Islands for a Romantic Honeymoon in Indonesia

Island- For couples who want to get married and are planning a honeymoon, there are many activities that can be done. Such as having dinner at a romantic restaurant in Jakarta or exploring new places.

No need to go far abroad, Indonesia has many romantic and interesting places that are perfect for a honeymoon.

The following are 5 romantic honeymoon spots in Indonesia that are suitable for young couples:

Belitung Island

On this island, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea which is still very beautiful and charming. Kaolin Lake can also be a fun destination because this former mine has been transformed into a lake tour with bluish water.

You can also do island hopping and snorkeling to enjoy the underwater world. If you decide to visit, go from April to September during the dry season. Also, visit on weekdays to avoid crowds.


It’s no secret, that the Island of the Gods is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. The atmosphere is thick with culture, the many accommodation options, the many tourist attractions, and the beauty of the natural scenery, all in Bali.

Bali also has many choices of culinary tours that are appetizing. If you visit Bali, try to go to the Ubud area, Nusa Dua, or cross to enjoy the beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida.

Lombok Island

Lombok can also be a honeymoon location. You can enjoy a quieter atmosphere and cheaper lodging prices than in Bali. Even so, the facilities are no less good.

If you and your partner like adventure, try to climb Mount Rinjani or snorkel in the Gili group which has a stunning underwater panorama.

Labuan Bajo

Who doesn’t know Labuan Bajo? This destination in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has such a charming charm. You can visit Komodo Island, enjoy the view of Kelimutu, or see the life of the indigenous people in Manggarai.

Padar Island is one of the places that must visit. On this island, you can enjoy the beauty of the islands flanked by two oceans. A view that certainly cannot be found anywhere else.

Bintan Island

This island is one of the Riau Islands clusters which has extraordinary panoramic beauty.

Although rarely used as a honeymoon destination, this island has many beachfront resorts that provide five-star facilities. Some of the most popular are Banyan Tree Bintan and Indra Maya Villas.

You can also enjoy the sensation of visiting the Busung Desert which has a beautiful blue lake. Don’t forget to stop by Tanjung Pinang or Penyengat Islands to see local wisdom.

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