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International study is available, and is intended to develop overall graduate attributes and global citizenship. The School has several agreements with overseas partner institutions, both in the EU and further afield, providing varied and exciting opportunities tailored around your individual study and cultural interests. In the early stage of this course, you will gain an introduction to computer systems, programming, media, marketing and Human-Computer Interaction.

They are also used in other industries for design and advertisement, such as furniture and car companies. You will be taught by staff with a strong academic background in areas such as, Computational Linguistics, Web Programming and Informational Visualisation. With access to diverse research work carried out by our expert academic staff, we seek to promote innovative and excellent learning and teaching practice, which will improve your student experience here at Northumbria.

  • To assess student suitability for their chosen course we normally arrange interviews for all applicants at which your skills, achievements and life experience will be considered as well as your qualifications.
  • The second advantage is that HTTP may send any type of data and offers a foundation for both computers to communicate in the same language.
  • Building your practical experience and confidence in using a range of research methods, the aim is to demystify research and recognise the everyday skills and techniques which are involved.
  • Your assessments are designed to help you develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required of a computer science graduate.
  • The email server is maintained by SCP Computers Ltd and is monitored for any unauthorised access.

To complement this theoretical underpinning you will also study the standard von Neumann computer architecture and von Neumann machine programming. You will be taught by staff who are passionate about student learning and development and who have recent experience in the software development industry. Research and Development Projectprovides you with the opportunity to show individual creativity and originality and apply appropriate knowledge and skills taught throughout the programme.


Pre and Post Covid we began building industry-specific booking systems enabling businesses to take bookings without having to pay for a 3rd party platform. So, the aim of human computer interaction work is to ensure it is as easy as possible for website visitors to view, navigate and gain information from the website. But is website usability sufficient when designing an effective website?

Our graduates have excellent employment prospects in the computing, teaching, lecturing and ICT industry, as well as in other areas of the economy. Recent statistics show that the vast majority are following their chosen career paths within six months of graduating. Full-time applicants who wish to start in September should apply through UCAS. They use Graphic Design software (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, etc.) to build interfaces in the form of common images. Web designers must keep themselves up to date with the cutting edge design trends. It’s also important to keep design consistency that is made popular from other web giant companies, such as Facebook, and Google.

But whatever methodology is used, hackers can always break down the software. That’s why developers work on the software separately that prevents hackers from breaching on a website or software. In year three, you will design and evaluate ubiquitous systems; physical computing, and research frameworks. You will learn about digital environments, computing’ societal impact and working in multidisciplinary teams on live briefs. At this stage, you can choose to study with one of our international partners or to work in the industry.

Back then, in the 1990s, when the first websites were being created, it was almost impossible to access them through mobiles. So logically, the web developers and designers would make them having only the computer screen in mind. We’ve designed the course to give you the skills and knowledge to pursue a wide range of successful careers in the digital industries. You can also benefit from BucksAnywhere, a web service which provides access to many of the software applications we use for teaching and studying.

Designed for mobile

To stand out as a designer, you’ll need more than a high-quality laptop. The best laptop for web design will vary by designer, but there are some key features to focus on while shopping around. As you search for the best Cyber Monday laptop, pay attention to each computer’s memory, processor speed, screen resolution, and hard disk speed. Other graduates choose to study for a teaching qualification, such as a PGCE, to teach IT or computing at secondary school level or in a further education college. These subject-specific skills are gained through projects as well as theoretical study.

What do web design and development graduates do?

You will learn how to write robust web applications that integrate server-side and client-side technologies. For the server side you will learn how to create reusable components written in Object Oriented PHP and how to use database systems including SQLite. For the client-side you will learn how to create robust Single Page Applications using a modern JavaScript framework such as React or AngularJS. To integrate the client and server sides you will learn how to structure data as JSON and the use of HTTP methods and approaches for interaction. You will also learn how to implement and use token-based approaches for authentication.

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