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“Safe Travel and Health Confidence are the new priorities, and are here to stay; the pandemic is a common concern for companies and destinations throughout the world, and it is a shared responsibility for us to work together and offer global health & safety standards against COVID-19. We therefore welcome the Global standards approved by WTTC, that belong to all of us.” “Portugal has been commited in reassuring our tourists they will always have the best experience in our country. This stamp, together with our “Clean & Safe” program, is one step further in reassuring everyone that we take care, our destination is focused on recovery and trust is at the core of our business.” Eligible companies such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, attractions, short-term rentals, car rentals, outdoor shopping, transportation, and airports, will be able to use the stamp once the health and hygiene protocols, outlined by WTTC, have been implemented. The specially designed stamp will allow travellers to recognise governments and companies around the world which have adopted the SafeTravels health and hygiene global standardised protocols – so consumers can experience ‘Safe Travels’.

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Enjoy coach travel to the capital and have a big city adventure for less… Operating for over 40 years with nearly 450 branches, Hays Travel is the UK’s largest independent travel agent. Whether you’d like a short UK break, a sunny package holiday, an all inclusive getaway or something else entirely, our team will help you book the holiday of your dreams. “I had a wonderful experience that I cannot even begin to put into words. Easily one of the best I’ve ever had and I cannot wait for my next adventure! Bonding with the dogs through taking care of them and being rewarded in return by an excited team pulling you through the beautiful landscapes.” “I wanted to express my thanks for such a brilliant trip! I had such a great time ice skating on an actual https://www.saklikentgorge.net/ lake! Our guides were fantastic – very friendly, encouraging and supportive. We felt all meals, transport and accommodation was very well organised too. Lovely to also socialise in the youth hostel, cook and eat together. The ‘what to wear/take’ is great and I wanted to thank you for the detailed and swift communication before the trip.” “All commmunication was great and friendly and I was very informed. I was impressed by your professionalism and level of support. This holiday was only just at the right level for me, I was the weakest in the group but was really pleased to have been pushed and accomplished so much more than I had expected. This came down to the guide and the rest of the group who looked after me. It was a fantastic trip.”

Together with our National Seal for the Verification of Biosafety Protocols in Tourism, the WTTC Safe Travels stamp supports El Salvador’s commitment to offer a tourist operation in line with the expectations of the new normal. Tourism is the industry that allows us to move around the world and we are focused on offering visitors the best destination experience, but above all, safe. I invite you to cross borders and discover that El Salvador is an ideal place to visit, establish tourist operations, do business and live.” “WTTC is playing an essential leadership role in our industry by establishing the best practices in health and safety needed to respond to this unprecedented crisis and rebuild consumer trust and confidence. The continued advocacy, the #TOGETHERINTRAVEL campaign to show how travel brings us closer together, roll-out of global protocols and many other efforts by the WTTC and its members are all key to accelerating the recovery of the industry. Together we will set a new benchmark to guide operations as we restart and ensure the traveler experience is as safe and secure as we can make it.”

Bulgaria has always been an attractive tourism destination and we will continue to welcome tourists with the same hospitality and warmth.” “We’ve been working to align Ontario’s tourism business protocols with the global standards, and welcome the opportunity to join this global campaign. A global approach to a seamless travel experience is essential to recovery. The Safe Travels stamp will be a great way to provide that signal of trust with our future guests.” “How destinations present their various tourism products as safe to visitors will be the difference between success and failure. In Greater Fort Lauderdale, we are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the Convention Centres, Meetings and Events portion of the WTTC global protocols. Event venues, hotels, restaurants, arts and cultural entities, retail and transportation assets all need to collaborate at unparalleled levels to assure consumers that the entire tourism value chain is safe and secure. A coordinated approach to safety and cleanliness will be the winning formula.” Our trips includewalkingandcycling toursthat take in awe-inspiring scenery and breathtakingwildlife encounters.

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The tourism destinations within our state are ready to receive travellers with open arms and to contribute to the reactivation of the sector in the country.” “This is very good initiative of WTTC to make these protocols for every link in tourism product value chain. One of NTO Ukraine core activities is quality management and implementation of international standards into practice for sustainable tourism development in Ukrainian destinations. Implementation of WTTC protocols and distribution of Safe Travel Stamps is perfect instrument for safety and security management and also great marketing tool which attracts attention and differentiate socially responsible businesses from others.” Part of our protocols includes providing the public & private sectors with insights & toolkits for interaction & implementation to ensure that people are and feel safe however WTTC, our members, and the sector can not guarantee 100% safety. Ultimately, we envision a future of travel that is safe, secure, seamless and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to the traveller across the journey; one which supports the livelihoods of millions and contributes to sustainable economic growth. “A fast and effective recovery of the Travel & Tourism industry will require a coordinated approach. The northern capital is the first Russian city to adopt the protocols recognised through the WTTC Safe Travels stamp, and our main priorities as a major tourist centre, is ensuring safety and reducing risk factors during the journey.


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Make your next holiday one to remember with these trending destinations for 2022. We’re combining the high touch service and global scale of Reed & Mackay with the innovative corporate travel and spend experience of TripActions. Explore the magnificent mountain landscape of Lyngen with private hiking tours from comfortable base on the island of Uløya. “The information provided was excellent and responses to questions were very fast. The whole trip was magical. We were blessed with an amazing guide who was so knowledgeable and kind. He elevated the trip more.” “It was a wonderful trip. Liked that there was optional extra skiing on most days so that days could be shorter for those that wanted to relax and longer for those who wanted more exertion. Great guides. The smoke sauna, including walk across the lake, ice hole and fish cooking, was a very magical experience.”

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“As Chair of this year’s G20 Tourism Track, we are putting public-private cooperation at the heart of international efforts for a swift recovery. The WTTC’s new Safe Travels global protocols are an essential step on that path to recovery, by helping to provide consistency and reassurance for travellers. In Saudi Arabia, the health and safety of our citizens and visitors is paramount. We have been working closely with the WTTC on the New Normal Task Force and believe the final protocols of the Safe Travels Stamp will be an important milestone for the global tourism sector.” “Restoring travel confidence is a major pillar to the recovery of our industry. Rajah Travel Corporation fully supports the WTTC in its leadership in engaging the private sector for the development of Safe Travel protocols across the value chain. We all benefit from WTTC’s strong advocacy with global and national institutions to prioritize travel and tourism in the recovery plans. The WTTC initiatives during this crisis are instrumental in how we re-shape our product offerings, business solutions and service to ensure and promote safe, secure, and seamless experience among our global customers and stakeholders.” “The foundation of restoring consumer confidence in travel lies in destinations being proactive about health and safety protocols. The Marianas is pleased to be a part of the WTTC Safe Travels global protocols, building on a strong foundation laid by our government and public health officials in ensuring the protection of our island community and the visitors who wish to experience life in The Marianas. Our island spirit of “Un Familia Un Guinaiya , and Tipiyeew ” has served The Marianas well in bringing government, businesses, and our community together to successfully keep our shores safe. We look forward to extending that spirit to our visitors through WTTC’s recommended standards and we are grateful for the partnership.” “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Tourism of El Salvador led the development of eight biosecurity protocols for the entire Tourism Industry and the Safe Travels stamp recognises the work of our Government and gives a message of confidence to all travellers who decide to come again or visit our country for the first time.

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