Tips for Vacation Abroad on a Limited Budget

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Tips for Vacation Abroad on a Limited Budget

Tips for Vacation Abroad on a Limited Budget. There are times when our office friends take turns on vacation, unwind and seek inspiration by going abroad. Check out some tips for traveling abroad with a limited budget which we describe below

Select the destination country that provides visa-free access for Indonesian passport holders.

Tips for Vacation Abroad on a Limited Budget. Taking care of visas is an activity that is avoided by quite a lot of people. The first reason, the supporting documents that must be prepared are usually a lot and it takes a lot of effort to complete them. Second, the price is quite expensive – hundreds to millions of rupiah – and even after trying to apply for a visa, there is always the possibility of being rejected.

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Many interesting destinations don’t bother you applying for a visa. Starting from romantic destinations that are suitable for honeymooners, such as the Maldives, Krabi, Boracay, and Jeju Island, to destinations around Southeast Asia that have lots of delicious food to taste, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Determine the vacation time before or after the high season.

The law of supply and demand always applies anytime and anywhere, including traveling. During holidays, aka high season, in addition to higher prices, the availability of tickets and lodging will also be more limited because many people have ordered them in advance. Not to mention the density in tourist attractions caused by the increase in the number of tourists.

Chase promo tickets and discount programs.

One of the biggest costs for traveling is the transportation ticket to and from the destination. For this reason, chasing promo tickets is one of the keys to going on vacation abroad on a limited budget.
First, waiting for the offline and online travel fair from the airline. They usually already have a schedule every year, so you can adjust the offers from which airlines best suit your travel plans. Second, be diligent in checking special offers from OTA (online travel agent). Every month, there are discount offers from OTA. You only need to be diligent in calculating which promo code is the most profitable for you.

Look for alternative lodging besides hotels.

To save budget, you can choose to stay at hostels which are usually cheaper than regular hotels. For those of you who go alone, hostels are a wise choice because you don’t have to pay for a standard room for two people. He cried again, you can make acquaintances with fellow travelers who gather in the same room. You can search for accommodations on online marketplaces specifically for accommodations, such as Airbnb. If you go out with a group of people, you can rent a house or apartment that you can cost equally.

Use mass public transportation and walk more.

Each country has a special integrated transportation system. Make sure you have studied the system applicable in the country/city to which you are traveling. In some countries, trains have a wide service range. But in other countries, buses are more reliable for reaching many tourist attractions. Adjust usage with the itinerary that you have prepared. Don’t forget to look for information about daily tickets or transportation passes, which after the calculations are usually cheaper than the one-way ticket price.

Limit or avoid purchasing unnecessary souvenirs.

Travelers often admit that souvenirs make traveling costs soar. If so, you have to evaluate several things, from the list of recipients of souvenirs to the selection of types of souvenirs. Limit the number of souvenir recipients according to your budget. If necessary, only buy for family and closest friends. On the other hand, souvenirs don’t have to be expensive, you know. You can buy key chains, magnets, and special snacks that can be purchased at supermarkets. Avoid souvenir shops at tourist attractions that usually sell at higher prices.

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