What must you visit in Copenhagen if you stay one day?

Jimmy/ September 28, 2021/ island, Vacations

What must you visit in Copenhagen if you stay one day?

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It is a small and compact city that it is easy to explore its highlights quickly.  The best feeling while in Copenhagen is hiring a bicycle to get around the city. Copenhagen is best known for the little Mermaid sculpture, but the city has more great deals than this mythical creature. If you happen to travel to Copenhagen City and want to know good places to pay a visit, then you can check them on Danskeanmeldelser to get reviews on the best places to visit in Copenhagen city. Suppose you find it difficult to tour Copenhagen city alone. In that case, you may look for a famous tour company like skytours for more assistance that make your trip to Copenhagen more interesting. The following places are a must-visit for many people who happen to travel to Copenhagen city.

  • Little Mermaid 

One of Copenhagen’s most iconic tourist attractions is the sculpture of the little mermaid. It was unveiled in 1913, and it was gifted to the city of Copenhagen by Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen. The statue is composed of granite and bronze. This site has a great history, and it’s worth a visit.

  • The Nyhavn Waterfront Area

This is another famous iconic place to visit in the city of Copenhagen. It is probably the image that comes into the minds of those who have visited the city when they think of it. This is among the old parts of the city that was initially built as a commercial port. It has since been renovated to make a great tourist attraction centre, colourful old houses and full of restaurants along the sides of the port.

  • The Amalienborg Architecture

This is the home of the Danish royal family, and it is a must-visit for those interested in Denmark’s royal history or who enjoys the intricate details of Rococo style architecture. Amalienborg Palace is not far from Nyhavn port, and it is located in a spacious square.  There is a monument of King Frederik V surrounded by some of the best Danish Rococo style architecture. This statue is placed at the centre of the square. You visit Amalienborg palace at noon, and you will see the changing of the guard ceremony, with marching bands accompanying the ceremony and soldiers marching around the courtyard.

  • The mighty Frederik’s Church

The enormous copper green dome towering everything in its vicinity is a little further west of the Amalienborg Palace. That is Frederik’s church which is considered the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. The interior of this church is impressive, with greyish gold illumination and the gigantic dome hovering above the main hall. This is a must-visit place when you land in the city of Copenhagen because the intricate detail of the dome’s interior will drive your mind away.

  • The greenery of the King’s garden

The King’s Garden is a great place to make your way towards the Rosenberg castle due to its spacious grass area, lush green trees and huge flowerbeds shielding you from the buzzing city centre. Inside the garden, there is plenty of sculptures, fountains and rose gardens where you can picnic, hang out with family and friends or have a quiet stroll and admire the beautiful flowers surrounding you.

  • The Rosenborg castle

 This is a must-visit place in Copenhagen city, especially for people interested in the history of the Danish monarch.  It was constructed as a summer house in the 17th century but converted into a 24-room museum. Here you can get in and admire all the beautiful varieties of monarchy’s heirlooms they stored there. Getting access to the underground treasury, you will see the dazzling crown jewels and the glorious sword of the past monarchs.

  • The street of Strøget

The Strøget is considered as one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe, stretching over one kilometre. It is a prominent street among tourists. This street is full of shops, restaurants and cafes for you to indulge yourself in.

Copenhagen is one of the best cities to visit in the whole European countries. It has so many iconic scenes that every visit would yearn to have a look at. You can easily spend a week or a month exploring the city without getting bored. However, if you visit the city in a hurry, a single day could also be a wonderful visit because the city is small. These Iconic sites are also not far apart placed. Therefore you can easily visit from one site to another with a lot of ease.

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