What to know when visiting Thailand

Jimmy/ May 2, 2022/ travel, Travels

What to know when visiting Thailand

The following blog will explore which cities in Thailand are highly rated, the best time to plan a holiday in Thailand, what activities one can do in Thailand, and what one should pack when visiting the country. Furthermore, if you are considering planning a holiday, it may be beneficial to plan an all-inclusive holiday as then you can get value for money. Moreover, you should then look at all-inclusive vacation reviews to better understand previous customers’ experiences. Additionally, one can also look at companies that offer tours and excursions, such as Tripster. To learn more about them, look at reviews about tripster. 

The top-rated cities in Thailand 

If you have always wanted to visit Thailand but are unsure which cities to see, the three top-rated cities are here. Bangkok is first on the list. Bangkok has it all with a bustling city, new-age technology, and ancient temples. When you visit, one should be sure to visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Being the most sacred temple in the country, it is a definite must-see historical monument. Secondly is Ayutthaya. Originally the capital of Thailand from 1351 to 1767, it has become a historical landmark. Although most buildings have been damaged either through theft or arson, it is still a magnificent sight to see, especially the temple called Wat Chaiwatthanaram. Finally, Chang Mai is considered an ideal destination for outdoor explorers. With mystical waterfalls, mountains with the highest peaks in the world, national parks, and historic temples surrounding the city, one will indeed be swept up in its tranquil nature and beauty.    

Best time to visit Thailand  

If you want to book a trip to Thailand, the best times to visit are between November and April. During this time, the weather is cooler, with temperatures ranging between 29°C and 34°C. However, it is essential to note that the weather does differ depending on which country or city you are visiting.    

Activities to do while visiting Thailand  

When traveling to Thailand, one should give themselves at least two weeks to explore the country. With over 300 islands in Thailand, the first activity is to island-hop. Hiring a longtail boat and sailing from island to island is a great way to explore all of the tiny islands within Thailand. Frutmore, if you want to have a lasting souvenir consider getting a Sak Yant tattoo. The tattoo is a traditional Thai tattoo done by a monk using a metal rod. When getting the tattoo, the monk will decide what symbol or pattern the tattoo will be, depending on what you need protection from. The tattoo is also said to have magical power. 

Moreover, you can take a trip via a tuk-tuk, which is one of the most preferred means of transport and can be reasonably cheap, depending on your negotiation skills. Lastly, you should watch a Muay Thai Fight, which is Thailands national sport. Also known as Thai boxing, it is a full-contact sport known to be “the art of eight limbs ” This sport allows the fighter to use fists, elbows, shins, and knees.  

What to pack when visiting Thailand  

Thailand is has a very humid climate; with this in mind, one should avoid overpacking. Instead, one should pack the eight essential items: a suitable backpack, quality sandals/ flip flops, a reusable water bottle, a small LED flashlight, a waterproof phone case/pack, electrolyte packs, travel insurance, and a day bag.  

Thailand is a gorgeous country, combing both the tropical, historical, and modernization into one. Therefore with a plethora of activities, there is something for everyone.  

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